Keep It Dazzling

How to look after your jewellery

Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your jewellery looking at its best for longer. Most of our Nickel Free pieces are silver based mixed metal and thickly coated in real silver. white gold, rhodium and rose gold. But it doesn’t matter whether your jewellery is solid silver, plated or mixed metal these tips still apply:

Don’t Get It Wet

Moisture and water are the biggest tarnishers of all jewellery, whether it is plated, solid or uncoated

Try To Keep Your Jewellery As Dry As Possible:

Do not swim in your jewellery, both chlorine and sea water are tarneshers and will dull all metals

Do not bathe or wash up in your jewellery

Natural body perspiration and moisture can tarnish any piece over time

Liquids, creams and sprays, including body sprays, moisturisers and perfume, will also contribute to the deterioration of your jewellery

To Successfully Combat This, Try The Following:

Put your jewellery on last thing – after getting ready, spritzing perfume and applying make-up.

If you do accidentally get your jewellery wet, take it off and pat down with a dry cloth or towel until it is completely dry.

Take your jewellery off overnight

Store Your Jewellery Correctly

Keep your pieces out of direct sunlight or heat – such as near radiators. Changing temperatures and moisture in the air can tarnish your jewels more quickly too.

Leaving your jewellery out on a surface, hanging it from a necklace or ring tree, can lead to knocks and scratches, possibly damaging your pieces.

When you are not wearing your jewellery, and especially for prolonged periods, put it away.

Keep it in either in the bag or box it came in or wrap it in a soft cloth (kitchen roll works very well too) and place it in a jewellery box or a draw.

Special anti-tarnish paper strips and sachets can also be useful. These are readily available on the internet. Simply place one in your jewellery box, draw or pouch.


Wear your jewellery, enjoy it and be Dazzling.