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All of our jewellery is HYPOALLERGENIC. So it is Kind on Skin including sensitive skins. Guaranteed 100% Nickel & Lead Free. Our pieces are also Zinc and Cadmium free as much as possible.

Costume or ‘fashion’ jewellery offers such a dazzling range of styles, options and prices, there is something for every occasion. Including our fabulous double thickly coated with real silver, gold, rhodium and white / rose gold pieces.

Razzle Dazzle’s jewellery is ideal when………

  • You are allergic / sensitive to ‘high street’ jewelllery
  • You don’t want to spend on high end or designer wear
  • Travelling and you don’t want to take the ‘good stuff’
  • For that special occasion you want a really eye catching piece (that your friends haven’t seen before!) 
  • You just fancy that little something to treat yourself with

Go ahead, with us, you can buy and Wear With Confidence

We design and produce our own jewellery and add to that pieces we discover that compliment our own designs and meet our exacting standards. Bringing you, not only gorgeous and unusual pieces, but jewellery that is as ‘friendly’ as possible to skin, so everybody can wear it.

Nickel allergies – While most people will not have had a problem and never will, nearly 25% of the population cannot wear or believe they cannot wear this type of jewellery and may have had a reaction. With Razzle Dazzle jewellery this will no longer be a problem. Whilst Nickel allergy is the most common, it can be the case that the allergy sufferer is allergic to more than one metal. Which is why we also remove as much Zinc, & Cadmium as possible. However due to the nature of jewellery making we cannot guarantee that it is 100% free of zinc or cadmium metals every time. 

If you are at all unsure, I hope this will help:

Whichever of our pieces you are choosing, all our producers, manufactures & suppliers assure us that these pieces are free (as possible) from all the usual impurities, including Zinc & Cadmium, that can cause the most common irritations or reactions. We guarantee that ALL pieces are 100% NICKEL & LEAD FREE.

However, if you have any concerns, have known sensitive skin or have reacted before to fashion jewellery, always do a ‘patch test’. Only wear the piece for a short period of time until you are fully comfortable that a reaction is not going to take place. If you ‘feel’ a reaction, discomfort or see a reddening of the skin – remove the piece immediately and treat as appropriate. 

If you have had nickel allergies or a reaction to costume jewellery before, here are a few tips that may help:

Clear nail varnish on the back or inside of jewellery can stop it touching the skin – this works best on rings and solid pieces.

A clear strip of jewellery tape on the inside or back, again to stop the piece actually touching the skin.

Wear your jewellery over clothing – a bracelet over a shirt cuff, or a necklace on the outside of a shirt collar, high collared jumper or top.

Necklaces can be worn over a thin scarf.

Avoid perfuming where your jewellery is going to be. Not only can it tarnish the jewellery but the combination of the two could lead to a reaction in a few people, particularly at the wrist and neck.

Store your jewellery carefully to avoid it getting nicks and scratches that could rub and irritate the skin.

Don’t wear your jewellery for too long. If you are going out, or have an occasion, put your jewellery on last and take it off as soon as possible.

Razzle Dazzle jewellery is a fantastic opportunity to buy gorgeous pieces that make you feel great, look fabulous and boost your confidence. Don’t be put off because you think ‘might’ have an issue or have reacted in the past – like everything else, jewellery has moved on and improved hugely in recent years. 

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